Power PTE

Quality - Experience - Credibility - Faster Customer Service

Who We Are?

  • Power Technology company for Engineering & Trading ( P.T.E ) was founded with 25 years of corporate experience in major companies.
  • Power Technology company for Engineering & Trading ( P.T.E ) adopts its internal policy on many plans aimed at upgrading the level of service and access to satisfy customers .
  • We Seek throughout thought of the ambition to rise strongly to the top and stay in the lead.
  • We seek to achieve the wishes of customers at the lowest cost and reach the optimal solution .
  • We aim to insure your world.
    With Egyptian capital 100% subjected to law 34 in 1976 that was organized for companies which work at Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Customer satisfaction is the most important objective of the company and therefore it is the most important pillars of its success .
  • Survey the full commitment of all the terms of the contract with customers especially what related to accuracy specifications and product quality and the date of delivery. 
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